PALMYRA: A Configurable Multilingual Platform Independent Tool for Morphology and Syntax Annotation


PALMYRA is a configurable platform independent graphical dependency tree visualization and editing software. PALMYRA has been designed with morphologically rich languages in mind, and thus has a number of features to support the complexities of these languages, especially for supporting easy change of morphological tokenization through edits, additions, deletions and splits/merges of words. It can also be used to annotate a multitude of linguistic features. PALMYRA uses an intuitive drag-and-drop metaphor for editing tree structures. Palmyra can be configured to be used with any dependency representation.

This resource was developed at the Computational Approaches to Modeling Language (CAMeL) Lab in New York University Abu Dhabi.




You can try out the PALMYRA demo (Version 2.4, Release Date 08-DEC-2020) from HERE.

Please cite Javed et al. (2018) and Taji and Habash (2020) if you use PALMYRA in your research.

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